Hi All, we have taken the tough decision, to do the right thing (in our eyes) and we will be closing our doors for the time being. We will shut for at least a week from today, and then will take any Government advice, or decisions as they come on a day by day basis. In the aim to open as safely as quickly as possible again.

Our post yesterday regarding Business as Usual, we posted before Boris’ statement and was in our eyes, the right and most responsible route to take at the time. However after the advice and direction to avoid unnecessary contact and avoid pubs etc, we held discussions with our staff, friends and family and feel this is the best route.

It is (again in our eyes) not a time to be selfish, and ask what the ramifications are for us personally, but instead to pull together for the greater good, and look after our nation, reduce the spread, and ultimately give the medical professionals in our fine country a fighting chance.

We respect all small businesses for any decision they make, in these uncertain times, but if possible, would urge anyone to try and get the lockdown started ASAP, and do it all together, so hopefully this can be nipped in the bud early and we can all resume business as usual as soon as possible. The sooner we get this cracked, the sooner we can resume normality and get the great British summer bouncing again.

Stay safe please people, and hopefully we can all battle this together and get back on track as quickly as possible. The sooner we pull together to solve this, the sooner its over. The longer we take to act, the longer this will roll on for.

So please don’t come to The Foresters, have a nice cold beer at home, and wait for this all to blow over. 😉


The FAB Team